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Meet Kaitlyn!

October 07, 2019

Kaitlyn will be taking the lead for our Customer Service program here at PMA and will also help to build out our custom art and other special programs.  She has a wealth of knowledge in customer service leadership and inside sales and her fresh perspective and experience running her own eCommerce store will help us to continually improve both our customer service and sales here at PMA. 

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The Patina Finish

July 25, 2019

A popular finish option that we offer here at PMA is our patina finish. Normal patina processing occurs over a very long time with metal being exposed to the elements. However, we are able to intentionally put the piece through an accelerated oxidation process that produces this really unique and rustic finish in just a matter of days.
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Meet Sierra!

July 24, 2019

Sierra comes to our company with a Bachelor from Central Michigan University and a background in early childhood education.  She ran a head start program in Northern Michigan for seven years. After moving back to her native area of Hillsdale, she began working for us here at PMA in the Christmas season of 2017.  


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Ideas for Hanging Your Art

May 16, 2019

There are a lot of ways you can hang your art. Most of these can be purchased at your local hardware store for $10 or less.  Click "read more" to learn of some methods and products you can use to display your new metal art. 
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PMA goes international!

May 06, 2019

PMA goes international!  We strive to continually cultivate relationships with reputable shipping partners and in doing so have been able to find a cost effective way to offer our international customers the option to purchase our metal art for gifts and to enhance their living and work spaces across the globe.


PMA Goes International

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Business Spotlight - The Hillsdale Daily News

May 03, 2019

The Hillsdale Daily News stopped by PMA to check out the shop.  They wrote a really nice piece about our economic contribution to our community, the partnership between PMA and the City of Hillsdale and our plans for expanding.

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 PMA Powder Coat Paint Booth

Image: Jordon Bloomer in the PMA paint booth. 
Photo credit: Sam Fry, Hillsdale Daily News

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Meet McKayla

April 23, 2019

McKayla - Customer Service

McKayla has been with the company a year this month.  She is the number one on phone and email support and handles all manner of customer concerns with great care and concern for our customers.  Click to read more about McKayla.

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Types Of Metal Art

Types Of Metal Art

April 23, 2019

Achieving that industrial look that’s permeating every kind of home decor styling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Becoming familiar with the different types of metal art available will give you insight and help you create a more cohesive and beautiful room design.  Explore the many options you have at your fingertips to use decorative metal art in your living and work spaces.  Click to read more. 
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Business spotlight - The Collegian

April 15, 2019

Alan Russell, Owner of PMA (courtesy of The Collegian)

Quality, speed of delivery, and customer service are key at Precision Metal Art, a decorative metal sign maker newly located in the Hillsdale Industrial Park. Owner Alan Russell founded the local company on a dream, and has sustained its exponential growth with foresight, pluck, and an affinity for risk taking.  
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How to find the perfect housewarming gift

April 11, 2019

The Perfect Gift


So you’ve been invited to a housewarming party and you want to help your friends turn their house into a home with a thoughtful gift. 

Getting a gift isn’t always expected. Most new homeowners throw a housewarming party to welcome their family or friends into their new home not to get free goodies.  It’s an added bonus! 

Click to find out how to find the perfect housewarming gift. 

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The History Of Metal Art

The History Of Metal Art

April 09, 2019

Metal, throughout history and cultures, has been an integral part of both ornamentation and utility. You could claim that our development as a society is closely related to the continued improvement of metalworking skills gained and used over time. Click to read more about the history of metal art.

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Three reasons why we need art in our homes

April 03, 2019

Art Quote


Why art? Why is it so important to our culture?

There are many reasons why we need to have art in our homes. Some reasons are rudimentary and simple. For instance, an art piece might match your color scheme or design theme but there are also much deeper reasons we need to put art in our homes. Click to read more. 

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