5 Unique Wall Art Ideas for Every Space in Your Home

Every space in your home deserves to show your unique style throughout. Whether you are a fan of farmhouse décor, want to showcase your child’s athletic accomplishments, or love to keep loved ones close while you work, we have unique wall art ideas for every space in your home! 


If you live by the quote “Kitchens are made for bringing families together,” you will love our farm metal art. Add your family or farm name to what will be the most special piece in your kitchen. No matter your kitchen décor color scheme, we have a color to match. Farmhouse life is the best life, so grab some vintage canisters to complete the look. 




Living Room

Family means everything, and this personalized Tree of Life piece is a perfect way to show it. 

This personalized Tree of Life wall art has an intricate network of branches representing how a family grows and expands throughout many generations. It also has been said to symbolize fertility and trees always find a way to keep growing through seeds or new saplings. Add your family name to personalize and hang it from a wall or set it on a shelf in your living room. Complete this look by adding family pictures around the art.



Home offices are a little more important these days with so many still working remotely. Adding a personalized clock with your favorite picture of your friends, family or pet will be the perfect balance of personal and professional. Don’t have a home office? This piece will look great in any space. 


Kids Room 

Every athlete loves to be celebrated. These medal hangers not only provide a way to do just that, they also are functional. Whether you have a future Simone or future Cristiano, you can find the perfect addition to your athlete’s room décor. Choose from inspirational quotes, sports or personalize with your athlete’s name.



Gnomes are known to be good luck, so Christmas gnomes must mean double the luck! Put these in your outdoor garden or add them to a flower pot indoors and add a little extra Christmas cheer. They are powdered coated in black to withstand any weather and will be sure to be fun décor for many Christmas seasons to come.




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