PMA goes international!


PMA Goes International


We are happy to announce that PMA has opened up international shipping worldwide.

We strive to continually cultivate relationships with reputable shipping partners and in doing so have been able to find a cost effective way to offer our international customers the option to purchase our metal art for gifts and to enhance their living and work spaces across the globe.

With this new element of service offering, PMA offers international customers the ease of ordering, competitive pricing, and a quick and efficient lead time.  As part of our partnership with UPS, we are able to offer a service of 3-5 days which makes an international order from PMA fall within the same lead time as our domestic orders.   Our products are open to many countries, although some exclusions do apply. 

In the spirit of full disclosure and as detailed in our  Terms of Service, there are some additional costs associated with ordering our products for international shipment.  A $20 shipping fee is excised to help cover the added handling charges that come with shipping internationally.  Even with this fee, PMA will incur added cost to offer this shipping rate and does not attempt to use shipping as a revenue center as some eCommerce companies do. 


The customer is also solely responsible for any and all customs and duties associated with the order in their home countries. The reason for this is that duties are taxes or tariffs levied on the international sale of goods and can be difficult to calculate. Duties are not set to a fixed percentage. They’re determined by key information on customs forms, and are calculated differently in each country.

The key factors include:

  • The quantity and value of the items being shipped
  • The cost of shipping
  • Any insurance that may be associated

SimplyDuty offers an online calculator where our customers can get an estimated cost of duties and fees associated with the order.  **Visit here to get an estimate. 

We are honored to be considered by global citizens for all of your metal art needs and will continue to explore partnerships and ways to make this process more cost-effective and easy to use for international customers as we progress as a company.  


**PMA is not an affiliate or paid partner with SimplyDuty and cannot guarantee the accuracy of SimplyDuty as a third party link. This is offered only as a resource to help learn a realistic amount of what duties may be charged.


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