Three reasons why we need art in our homes

Why art? Why is it so important to our culture?

There are many reasons why we need to have art in our homes. Some reasons are rudimentary and simple. For instance, an art piece might match your color scheme or design theme, or it might fit in a challenging area, or it might be a functional piece.

But other reasons we need art in our home can be much more complex and linger beneath the surface. It is more than just decorating your house. It’s about making your house a home.

Art can make a room come to life.

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There is a reason you will find art in hotel rooms. It helps evoke a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Art can bring life into a room and humanize the space. Placing art in your home can give your space an inviting personality and make you and your guests feel at ease.

One bright or interesting piece can make the atmosphere of a room tilt on its edge. It can make a room feel “put together” and give the space a certain look and feel.

Art encourages dialogue.

Another reason we need art in our homes is because it often encourages a dialogue. Art most often begins by speaking out to you when you first see it. What does it say? How does it make you feel? When you look at a piece, what do you feel compelled to say?

When you find something that speaks to you and make it the focal point of a room, on some level you’re hoping that this piece makes others feel something too. This piece can serve as a conversation starter, an ice-breaker of sorts, for guests that you welcome into your home. Without having to say a word, art encourages dialogue between us and can facilitate wonderful conversations. It can break down barriers and allow vulnerability and openness to shine through allowing you to connect on a much deeper level.

Art tells a story.  

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Art tells a story without having to say a word. From fashion and music to paintings and sculptures; many creative mediums are used to express who you are and what you care about.


Art is personal. It can be created specifically for you or it can give you the illusion that it was created specifically for you. Regardless, you need art in your home to make the space is truly yours. Your home is a place where you spend a large parcel of your life and you want it to reflect who you are. Your home is not just four walls, a floor, and a roof. It's your safe haven. The story of your life. What story will your home tell about you?

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