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Types Of Metal Art

Ever since the interior design gods (a.k.a HGTV) decided metallics were neutral tones, things have been on the up-and-up for metal art in general. It’s becoming a major part of modern decor in a way that it never was before.  Modern styling options favor different metal colors, sheens, shapes and sizes with an immense variety. There are so many options now that a jaunt through the decor store can be somewhat daunting.

But achieving that industrial look that’s permeating every kind of home decor styling doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Becoming familiar with the different types of metal art available will give you insight and help you create a more cohesive and beautiful room design.  Explore the many options you have at your fingertips to use decorative metal art in your living and work spaces. 

The Medium

Metal work has expanded from simple, practical use and is now a complementing aesthetic with many purposes. While metal has always been somewhat ornamental in cultures around the world (think of medieval armor and Elizabeth Taylor’s incredible entourage of jewels), it’s had a recent and unique revival in interior design. As a medium, metal of all kind has been used for ornamental purposes like gold, tin, copper, lead, brass, steel, iron, bronze and so much more. However, the most common metal, iron, makes up for the majority of modern metal ornamentation.

It’s an extremely abundant metal and can be found in nearly all soil, rocks and water. It’s plentiful nature hasn’t stopped it from being one of the heartiest metals around and has served to protect ancient relics by weathering the elements and ravages of time quite well. Historical artifacts have been able to keep in tact from Nineveh, Ancient Rome and Ancient China due to the properties of iron. While it’s still a valued metal and is rich with historical significance, when exposed to damp conditions it easily rusts which hinders its versatility in many respects.

Iron can be wrought iron, cast iron or steel. Wrought iron is iron that has been heated so that it's malleable and  tools are used to bend and shape it.  It is the least available iron.  Cast iron is pure iron and is made by melting the iron down and casting it into a mold. It is not malleable and brittle unlike wrought iron. Steel is an alloy of carbon and iron and sometimes other elements giving it high tenstile strength. Steel is sturdy enough to be used in weaponry and constructing large buildings and it's attributes also make it an excellent base in metal artwork and sculptures. 

Bring Steel Into Your Home Decor With Precision Metal Art

At Precision Metal Art, we marvel at the versatile qualities of steel which is why we choose it as the best type of medium for our work. We use 18-gauge, cold-rolled sheet steel to create our metal artwork with love and care. We’re passionate about creating pieces for your home that bring your and your guests closer as well as provide a visual aesthetic you can always enjoy. Shop our various metal artwork now and find more of our beautiful works to add to your interior design today.

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