How long will it take to get my order?

Standard lead time ranges from an estimated 1-3 weeks. Shipping time is dependent upon the shipping provider and delivery location.


How is the item shipped?

Most orders (to the continental US) are shipped through either FedEx or USPS Priority mail depending on availability. They are carefully placed into a customized, industrial-strength cardboard box to protect your products detail.

Do you offer a return policy?

We understand that things can happen during manufacturing and shipment. To ensure that you are satisfied with your product we offer a limited warranty on qualified products. If you find that the product is not in terrific condition then please contact us with a picture of the damage or error and we will be happy to send you a brand new one. Read the full return policy here.



Will I have to pay duties and customs for international order?

When shipped internationally, your order may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These charges will typically be due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination and vary depending on the regulations of each independently.  


How do I track my order after I purchase?

There is an order tracking tab on the website's menu. Simply insert your order number and email address associated with the order to find real-time tracking information. You can also contact our customer service channels to connect with a live person.


How do I reach somebody if I have a question?

Most people connect with us directly through Facebook, you can either click the link or message us directly through the blue button at the bottom of the screen. You can also reach us directly by phone between 9am - 4pm EST toll free at 1-888-291-9738. Finally, you can email us directly at support@precisionmetalartusa.com. We aim to return all inquiries as soon as possible but within 24 hours.


What is After Pay payment method and how does it work?

After Pay is a third party payment processor that allows you to purchase items today and will spread the payments over four, equal, no interest payments. Once you click that you would like you to pay with After Pay, it will take you to their website where you will have to create an account.  Once you've created your account and your transaction is approved, you'll be able to check out on our site just as you would with any other payment method.  Click here to learn more. 


How do you figure out sizing on the monograms?

Standard sizing for monogram products range between 18" x 18", 24" x 24", 30" x 30", 36" x 36". Please note: the dimensions may not be equal for height and width. Because of the highly personalized nature of these products, the various length of desired names and depending on what initial is chosen for the monogram, the item is scaled by our design team until either the height or width reaches the desired inch first. For instance, a monogram with the initial “I” will not be the full width as it is a narrow initial as opposed to a “W”, etc. Additional sizes are available through custom order request.


Can I get a preview or mockup of my monogram before I buy it?

Absolutely! For a Split Letter Monogram and Elegant Script Monogram mock up visit the specific product pages and enter in your information and click "Live Preview". A live rendering will pop up immediately. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer mockups for every personalized item we showcase on our website. However, we have our development team working on adding these products as we speak! In the meantime, we've tried to include several picture examples on our website to help you choose and also if you jump on over to our “Happy Customers” tab you can see many real life examples of what your particular name or initial would look like in real life.


Are these products made for outdoor use?

Most products on the store are made specifically for indoor use. We do offer a complementary outdoor finish as the product will rust if left outdoors untreated. Our products are made of raw steel so they may still oxidize if placed in areas of extreme moisture or temperature changes even with outdoor coating so ongoing maintenance is important to prolonging the life of your metal art.

How do I hang my metal art?

We find the best, most inconspicuous way that is safest for the surfaces in your home is to use a small finishing nail(s), a nail with no head, to rest the piece on then a double sided framing tape (gentle for walls) to secure and level the piece. For outdoor mounting we suggest using screws, self-tapping screws or brick hangers. 
For more ideas, click here

I don't see any products for my particular state. When will you have it?

We add and remove products on our site based on supply and demand but we have the capability and designs for all 50 states and even some other countries.. If you would like a specific design and don't see it feel free to reach out to us directly and we will be happy to serve you!