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Team, Club, & Group Fundraisers

Medal Hanger Fundraiser Program

For groups, clubs, and teams

Life can get busy.  Who has time to do another boring school fundraiser selling wrapping paper or chocolate. Not to worry. With PMA’s medal hanger fundraiser we’ve created a quick and hassle-free way to raise money for your group, club or team selling our very popular medal hanger collection. 

How it works?

Our program mirrors most other fundraisers that you’ve gone through with schools and other organizations.

As the organization’s head of fundraising, we provide you with a brochure to give your sellers.  They can use it to show their classmates, their parents, neighbors and family our unique medal hangers for purchase.  When someone decides what style medal hanger they want, they just have to fill out the provided order form and give you the money for safekeeping.

After a predetermined amount of time (usually two weeks but we can be flexible depending on your group’s needs) you will collect all of the order forms and money, put them in one master order form and email the everything in to your dedicated account manager.  

We will help you place your order. Allowing you to easily pay for the order via credit card minus the $10 per medal hanger. We take that right off the top so you can keep that money and apply it towards your group’s initiatives. You only pay the discounted rate for the medal hangers and a $50 flat shipping fee.

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PMA fundraiser



Case Study: Becky Spencer, head of fundraising for a Gymnastics program in Oklahoma.

PMA partnered with Becky’s organization to help raise funds for the gymnastics and dance program.  We gave Becky all the materials she needed to be successful and after a two week selling period the group sold thirty medal hangers!  That was a quick and easy $300 in just two weeks the group was able to put toward their goals. They were so pleased we’ve already worked out another fundraiser for the fall.



To learn more about how you can raise money for your group, team, or club fill out this form and our sales team will reach out within 48 hours.