Whitetail Deer Imagery Sign

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Can you picture the first time you went hunting? How the press of the woods on all sides shrouded you and your hunting party like a soft blanket of leaves.


  • Two designs available
  • Size: 24"
  • Can be hung with screws or nails

The mature trees stood tall and firm and if you reached out and touched one, you could feel the bark rough and timeless as the forest itself. Such profound peace can hardly be imitated but small reminders like this piece of metal art can bring those memories to the top of your mind.

Product Information

  • Dimensions: approximately 24" x 18" 
  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Hang with nails or screws into the wall
  • Highly durable 18-gauge steel
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Magnetic Hanging Hardware

Magnetic Hanging Hardware Kit



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Product description

Hang your metal art with our super strong Magnetic Hanging Kit, which is designed to create a strong hook point on walls and ceilings. Each Magnetic Hanging Hardware Kit is strong enough to hang any decor piece and does absolutely no damage to your walls. Each magnet can support approximately a 26 lb vertical pull. These disc shaped magnets are perfect for hanging wall art and other DIY projects.  


  • Each kit comes with a set of 2 magnets and 2 screws
  • Each magnet holds up to 12kg/26lbs
  • Easy installation - takes less than 2 minutes