Christmas Imagery Sign

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Product Description

There's no better way to bring Christmas into a house that'd drug down by the gloom of winter than be hanging the Christmas decor. Bring your decor to the next level this year with chic, beautifully designed metal art work with state-of-the-art printed imagery


  • Four designs available
  • Size: 18"
  • Can be hung with screws or nails

If you're looking for a way to amplify your holiday decorations this year, but you're not interested in cluttering any areas of your home, look to your walls. With so much potential blank space it's already primed for decorating and our chic and totally unique holiday designs will surely add to your space. Since they consist solely of sheet metal, cut with precision to the exact sizing you need and printed with the festive print, it won't be an imposing presence in the room. Instead, it'll be a mere suggestion of a window Christmas.


Product Information

  • Dimensions: approximately 18" x 18" 
  • Comes with mounting holes
  • Hang with nails or screws into the wall
  • Highly durable 18-gauge steel